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Direct Roof Repairs and our roofers are well versed in looking after, fitting, and repairing lead work on a variety of properties and applications. Lead has been used for years as a way to create a watertight joining between two different types of roofs and in areas where conventional methods wouldn’t work effectively enough to keep the roof dry. Where the correct lead is applied, it should have the same life span as well kept slates, saving you from having to repair or replace the lead work often. As such, we feel that lead should be installed correctly the first time around, to ensure a long, and watertight life!

Lead roof work, while a small addition to most roofs, is a crucial part to making a roof watertight. We have found in the past that while you may think that you have a roof leak, it is actually faulty or deteriorated lead work that is to blame. Our skilled roofers have plenty of experience and can provide you with a nice neat finish to valleys, aprons, flashing, dormers, and any other lead-related issues.


Faulty or old lead can be the cause of many issues when looking at your roof. For domestic properties, we most commonly find issues with the lead around the chimney and any valleys you may have. This said, you could have problems with any lead work at your property, if it gets too old. Depending on when the lead was installed and what it has been used for, (for example the difference between lead flashing and lead flat roof joining) it may be better to replace all the lead in that area than a patch repair.


For commercial buildings, lead flat roof repairs can be a necessity. While any commercial building will most likely have lead in the same areas as a normal, pitched roof house, an area that is sometimes overlooked is the amount of lead required in some flat roofing. Whether you have a GRP fibreglass roof, or an older style felt roof, you will need lead to bridge the gaps and connections. When this lead deteriorates, it could cause leaks which may slow down your business, or even shut it completely! Furthermore, the longer leaks are left, the more damage they cause, sometimes leading to very costly repairs. To have a member of the team check that your lead is intact and keeping your roof watertight, please call us now on 0800 088 6392!


If the lead in one area of the building has deteriorated to the extent where it is the source of a leak, it is often better to replace the whole area’s leadwork. This is because lead will contract and expand a lot depending on how hot or cold the lead gets. This continual change in size can cause the lead to pull away from its surroundings and can also cause cracks and small holes to open up. It is these holes and cracks that cause leaks. It therefore follows that if one area is leaking from the expansion and contraction of the lead, the nearby lead work will also be under the same strain, and therefore liable to undergo the same cracking and deteriorating.

In keeping with the knowledge above, depending on your property, you may not need to replace all the lead at the property as some will be much more exposed than others. For instance, while you may experience issues with your chimney flashing, you may not find that the lead in the valleys is failing as it will not be as exposed. To find out which lead work you need to have replaced, call one of the Direct Roof Repairs team now and we will be more than happy to send out a qualified roofer to your property for a free roof survey.


If your property has a chimney then it will have to have a certain amount of lead work to bridge the gap and material change between the roofing material and the chimney’s brickwork. It is very important to keep this chimney flashing in good condition as it is one of the most prominent parts of the roof and so has to deal with all of the elements and weather. Our roofers, where necessary, can provide their own scaffolding through our sister company Direct Scaffolding Services to access your chimney to carry out lead roof repairs.


If you find your roof leaking and you are not sure why, it might be your lead! Call us now to arrange for your free, no-hassle, no-obligation roof survey, where our friendly roofers will be able to assess the condition of your leak work and offer their advice on the best course of action for you.

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