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Chimney Repair & Replacement

Chimney Repair & Replacement

Chimney Stack Repointing

The cement between the brick courses is referred to as “Pointing”. Each job is entirely different and will depend on the size of the chimney and the access to it.

A chimney tilting could cause a leak into your home. We can assess the chimney pot, the flaunching, the pointing/condition of brickwork, condition of lead around chimney base, and tile under the lead/around the chimney. If you have holes in your chimney, you will need to replace the damaged bricks.

Chimney Flaunching

“Flaunching” is the sealing between the chimney pots and bricks to hold it together and give it a nice finish. If your flaunching is cracked, it may cause a chimney pot to come loose and eventually cause a leak. This can be a massive nuisance as it would cause a lot of water damage to your property.