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As with any part of a property, you need to make sure your roof is in perfect condition to avoid having any damage inside. While most of us don’t check the inside of our roof regularly, a quick way to tell that your roof needs some looking after is when you find that you have a leak. Leaks can be caused by many different things, or sometimes from a culmination of a lot of items together. It is imperative that you find a local roofing company (like us!) to complete a roof survey and get your roof repaired as soon as possible. If not, you may find that the leak develops into more serious problems further down the line.

Sometimes items that need repairing are easy to spot from the outside of the property, like missing tiles, or broken gutters. These kind of items, while they may seem superficial, are often an indication that your roof needs some attention paid to it. Here at Direct Roof Repairs, we feel that every roof needs a little TLC and so there is no repair fix too big or too small!

Roof leak repair

Finding that you have a roof leak can be a nightmare, but Direct Roof Repairs aim to put your mind at ease, and get your roof fixed in no time at all! When you notice that your roof is leaking, we can send one of our knowledgeable roofers out to your property to find out exactly what the problem is. If we can, we will always try to put a temporary stop to the leak while we are there, so that while you are deciding on your roof leak repair, there isn’t too much water coming through into your property. Leaks can be caused by a multitude of reasons, from rotten soffits and fascias to chimney flashing issues. When we complete a roof survey we take all of this into account as we pinpoint the source of the leak.


Tiles are one of two main barriers that are on your roof to stop water getting into your home or business. If you find that there are some slipped tiles, or even missing tiles, then you need to find the cause of this, and get them replaced or repaired. Sometimes slipped tiles can be indicative of more major problems underneath like rotten baton. Other times it is just a case of the tiles not being secured properly and being blown off by strong winds. Either way, Direct Roof Repairs can help you with your tile roof repair! Our experienced roofers can match the tiles on your roof exactly, and can usually find tiles that have been weathered in the same way so that you do not have the new tiles stand out. We are well versed at tile-matching and will always try to use your existing tiles if they are not too damaged or broken.


Like a tile roof repair, slates can come loose in strong winds or be knocked out of place by wildlife. When this happens, you are removing one of the barriers that stop water getting into your property. When it comes to slates, we can use the existing slates if they are not damaged. Alternatively, we can source new slates for you and make sure they match your existing roof, cutting them to the right size if required. For your slate roof repair, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Direct Roof Repairs team!


A garage roof repair will range in price and difficulty depending on the material that it is made from. If your garage has a GRP fibreglass roof then we are perfectly placed to help you! Our trained and qualified roofers can find where the leak is coming from and replace that section if required. When it comes to felt roofs, due to the longevity of GRP roofing, we are happy to provide a temporary fix, however, we would always recommend that you then replace the felt roof with a GRP fibreglass flat roof. This is due to the fact that fibreglass roofs are warrantied for up to 40 years and they are generally maintenance-free and come in a wide range of colours and textures to fit in with any property aesthetic!


While it can sometimes be a little challenging to find a flat roof leaks, it is often clear to see when your gutters are leaking! Sometimes gutters will leak due to a buildup of debris and material, but it is also relatively common for the joints to fail, causing leaks or whole sections to fall away. While you could get a new set of gutters, we are able in most cases to find a match for the type of guttering that you have and repair individual sections. If the break was caused by debris and excessive amounts of material in the gutters then we would clear the gutters out for you to avoid any further breakages.


If you have got traditional mortar roof ridges and verges installed then it is very likely that the mortar has started to erode. In these cases, we believe that you have two main options. Firstly you could remove the current mortar and re-bed the current ridge tiles and verges. Alternatively, you could have a dry roof ridge system installed. Unlike their traditional mortar counterparts, dry roof ridge and dry verge systems do not require regular maintenance and generally last a lot longer. They come in a variety of designs and so we will always be able to find a style that fits in with your property.


Soffits and fascia repairs are sometimes missed out when looking at the general roof condition but here at Direct Roof Repairs we feel that this is a mistake. Whether for aesthetics or for more practical reasons, soffits and fascias often hold the key for making your roof look and feel looked after. They are also important to the integrity of other components of your roof, such as the gutters. There are, as with a lot of roofing items, many different styles and variations that we can offer you to make sure that they blend in but enhance the look of your roof.

Roof Repairs


Chimneys can be broken down into four main parts: the chimney pots, the flaunching, brickwork, and the chimney flashing. Each of these items will need some repair work over years of time and some parts may need replacing when old or broken.

With the flaunching and brickwork, depending on the severity of the mortar degradation, we can either add in any lost mortar to repair the damage, or, in severe cases, we can remove the last remaining mortar and start again. Any damage that occurs to the chimney pots is not always repairable and so we would normally look to replace them. In addition to replacing chimney pots, we can also fit cowls so that you don’t have any issues with birds falling down your chimney.

The chimney flashing, as with most other groups of lead work, would all need to be replaced if there is a tear or if it leaks as both of these issues tend to be a byproduct of old, worn out lead. Depending on the age of the lead, we may also recommend that you have the lead apron around the chimney also replaced so that you are not relying on old lead which has already failed once to keep your roof watertight.

LEAD Roof repairs

Lead roof repairs are most commonly needed around the chimneys, as described above. However, any lead that has become old and worn should be replaced. We also recommend having the lead work on your property re-done if you are trying to spruce up your property ready for it to be sold or rented out. As lead is commonly used to make joints between two different surfaces watertight, it tends to be quite noticeable on a property and therefore old lead or untidy lead can make your property seem more down-at-heel than it is. Would you like our unbiased professional opinion? Why not give our team a call on 0800 088 6392?


When looking at for the roof repair cost, there are a number of items that we take into account. Each property will have different items that need to be repaired and we understand that sometimes, customers want to give their house a little TLC and update items like the gutters, soffits and fascias to improve the look of their house. Once we have spoken to the customer to find out what needs to be done, and if there is anything else that the customer would like done, then we can work out the roof repair cost.

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