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While we are all aware of the effects of finding a leak you may not know that they can be caused by old and faulty roofs. When the felt on a roof wears away it is prone to splitting and breaking apart, which causes leaks. This is the point where you need a roof replacement, and where Direct Roof Repairs is the company for you!

Another way to tell that you are going to need to replace your roof is if you notice that your tiles appear to have slipped down so that they are lower down the roof than they would normally be. This is a direct action of failed nails or rotten baton and is a widely used indication that it is time to replace you roof as baton normally outlasts any felt that you may have had installed on your roof.

The prospect of having to arrange your roof replacement can be a daunting task, but we, at Direct Roof Repairs aim to take the hassle and difficulty out of the whole process. Our friendly office staff and skilled, experienced roofers will plan and implement the roof replacement for you, keeping you regularly updated, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch as your new roof in fitted, making your home water-tight and secure once more!



For Direct Roof Repairs there is no job too big or too small. We offer roof replacements for both domestic and commercial customers. During the quotation phase, our knowledgeable roofers will be able to advise on the best roof replacement for your property, while working within any parameters on types of tiles and aesthetics set by our customers. In addition to our careful work, we inspect every job so that you can be sure that our finished work is completed to the highest standard.


As with all roofs, garage roofs leak and need replacing on occasion, especially after their warranties run out. With Direct Roof Repairs, we have years of experience in finding where your flat roof leak is coming from so that we can pinpoint the cause of the leak. If the reason is old and worn out felt then we would recommend a garage roof replacement. Due to its long-lasting qualities, we choose to use GRP roofing which is a type of fibreglass roofing. This type of flat roof is perfect for garages, property extensions, and commercial flat roofs. So whether a garage roof replacement or a commercial flat roof, we can do it all!


Are your soffit, fascias or bargeboards rotten? If they are, it could severely impact the appearance and value of your property, not to mention the internal damage this could cause. Replacement soffits and fascias can be easily installed for you in the traditional wood or a long-lasting, clean looking uPVC. In the majority of cases, we would recommend replacing bargeboards, soffits and fascias with uPVC models, due to the fact that wooden soffits and fascias last for 15 years, with regular maintenance, uPVC versions will last for over 20 years with no maintenance required.


Why not spruce up your whole roof, by replacing your gutters? Through the years, gutters and gutter fixings can become worn and discoloured. By replacing your gutters, you can ensure that they will not leak into, or onto the outside of your property. We find that a nice new set of gutters over your new soffits and fascias, are the icing on the cake when having a roof replacement and gives your roof that “new home feeling”!


Direct Roof Repairs recommends replacing traditional mortar ridges and verges, with dry roof ridges as they have been proven to last longer and most crucially they do not need any maintenance. Some customers that we have talked to in the past were worried that they may stick out from the roof if they were fitted retrospectively, however as dry roof ridges come in a myriad of different designs and colours, we are sure that no matter the property and roof type, we can find a dry ridge system to suit you!


While we do not necessarily always advise chimney replacement, there are many things that we can do to make your chimney feel good as new. By repointing the cement between the bricks, updating the lead flashing, fixing any flaunching issues, and giving your chimney a little TLC, it will become structurally sound once more.

In severe cases where the chimney is found to be structurally unfit for purpose,our teams would be able to rebuild your chimney from the lead flashing up, re-fitting, and replacing any parts of the brickwork, pointing, flaunching or even fitting replacement chimney pots.


The roof replacement cost will be different for every property based on what you want replacing and what is essential. Through our roof surveys, our roof surveys, our professional roofers will be able to provide you with a written quote, advising on their recommended replacements and the subsequent roof replacement cost. For your free, no hassle, no obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 088 6392, or feel free to fill in our contact form at your own leisure.

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